World’s BEST Tinder Opener (& How to Get Sexual Over Text!)

World’s BEST Tinder Opener (& How to Get Sexual Over Text!)

Copy and Paste the BEST Tinder Opener and learn how to get sexual over text… without seeming awkward! TONS of Real Screenshot Examples.

▶ Today’s Video:

Thanks to [NAME REDACTED] in the Zirby Private Facebook group (link in pinned comment) we have the BEST Tinder Opening Message in the world.


In this video, I’ll bring you through, step by step, how to copy and paste these Tinder messages yourself to get a date FAST.

Plus, I’ll show you how to make your conversation more sexual and fun without coming across creepy.

You’ll learn:
– The EASY 4-step system for getting dates through Tinder.
– How to customize our copy paste opener to set yourself apart.
– Why it’s easy to get sexual over text without being creepy.
– How to turn your Tinder Match on.
– Fun lines you can LITERALLY steal from this video.

▶ This Video was Shot with…
– Fujifilm XH1 & Sennheiser Mic.

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On this YouTube channel, I’ll show you my REAL Tinder strategies… that you can actually use.

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I’m Marc, the founder of Zirby — the most viewed Tinder strategy blog with over 4M+ readers a month.

Before starting Zirby, I worked at Simple Pickup (2.7M YouTube subscribers) and worked with internationally known dating coaches like Willy Beck, David Bond, Nick Savoy, and more.

In addition to my experience in the Dating world, I also hold a degree in Photography – which is PERFECT for Online Dating!

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