Why Men Aren’t Chasing You (Even If You Use Dating Tips)

Why Men Aren’t Chasing You (Even If You Use Dating Tips)

Why Men Aren’t Chasing You (Even If You Use Dating Tips)

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Let’s talk about why dating tactics may not be working for you. First off, you have to be willing to pay the price. These tactics are not meant to force the issue, but rather to inspire what’s inside of the guy. You can’t make a guy love you, but you can bring it out of him if the potential was there.

You cannot really control humans. When I teach you how to create space, it helps you illuminate what the reality is if he really likes you.

Saying things to get a reaction from him isn’t going to work. Observe yourself if you’re forcing the issue because guys will be able to see through it. They’ll see your intentions through little subtle things that you communicate.

Don’t work harder to hide what you communicate. You should observe yourself really looking for an outcome and letting go of the outcome. Be okay with him not liking you.

The point of all of this is not just to bring out the attraction, but also to reveal it.

If you back off and he’s still not interested, use spiritual practice by observing yourself wanting the reaction. If you’re not conscious of that, you’ll continue to try getting him to like you.

Not doing this will lead you to being forceful with the issue because you’re looking for an outcome. You have to be willing to accept that he may not really like you.

Being attractive is not about getting everyone to like you. It’s about being okay with somebody not liking you. That’s what real confidence is all about.

People don’t define you. If you don’t understand this, you’ll continually go from pain to pain because you’ll continually get rejected.

Always know that you may not get the outcome you have in mind. If you’re not okay with that, observe the neediness in you. You’ll then begin to slowly dissolve the patterns that perpetually kept you in an immature and rudimentary state which is needing somebody to make you happy.

In life, you can’t complain yourself out of problems like when you were a child. Detach yourself from outcomes so that when things go bad, you won’t suffer as much.

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