What Will They Say 🗣💌 to You in The Next 48 Hours? | Pick a Pile Reading 😍❤️

What Will They Say 🗣💌 to You in The Next 48 Hours? | Pick a Pile Reading 😍❤️

[HOW TO MANIFEST A SPECIFIC PERSON: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE] has been released as an ebook guys! Get this ebook and apply it in your life ASAP to get consistent accurate manifestations in your love life. It doesn’t involve any candles nor does it involve a spell that may backfire and fail to give you the result that you want to see as soon as possible in your life.

This guide was made for those who want a simple GOLDEN technique that will give them consistent accurate manifestations in their love lives. Say goodbye to separations, heartbreak, and unrequited love because with this guide on your side, nothing is impossible to manifest. Applying the technique I laid out in the guidebook will trigger a chain of events that will take the shortest route in manifesting your desired person back in your life. Questions about timeframes on how long it is going to take for you to manifest your person has also been answered in this ebook.

Price: $50
Includes: an ebook and a weekly check up (you can opt out or reschedule it depending on your preferences) until you manifest your desired person in your life.
Where to buy: PayPal.me/apollospriestess
(Please include your email address on the “add a note” section of your PayPal purchase page so that I can send over your ebook right away. Make sure there are no typos please!)

1 – 01:23
2 – 08:55
3 – 18:14
4 – 23:14
5 – 34:41

Frida Kahlo Tarot
Tarot of Sexual Magic

UPDATE: the price for 10 question tarot readings will be left as $50 due to popular request!
Channeled Messages Email Reading- $12

1. Send your payment to Paypal.me/apollospriestess
2. Include your question on the “add a note” section (this is not needed for the channeled messages reading). Be sure to include your first names (or at the very least, initials) for a more accurate reading.
3. Your work is done! I will send you a confirmation email within 12-24 hours of receiving your payment. Your reading will be done within 3-5 days so all you have to do after that is to keep an eye out for my next email.

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