What happens after death? | Sadhguru

What happens after death? | Sadhguru

Sadhguru looks at the mechanics of how the human system is structured, and what happens when the physical body falls dead.


Sadhguru: Okay. (In Tamil – not transcribed) Now the question is, is there re-birth, if it’s there what is the basis for one being to go from one birth to another, what is it that carries a person from one to another. Now if you need to understand this, you must have some understanding of the mechanics of who you are. I am talking about the mechanics of how a human being is built. See, when you say I am a human being, the outermost periphery is the physical body. In yoga we look at everything as body because it is easier for you to understand it that way. So we see the body as five dimensions or five sheathes. Physical body is known as Annamayakosha. Annamayakosha means -anna means the food, this is food body. Next one is called Manomayakosha that means it’s the mental body. The third one is called Pranamayakosha, which means the energy body. Physical body, mental body, energy body, all these three dimensions are physical. They are physical existence. Physical body is very gross, mental body is subtler, energy body is even subtler but all these three are physical. This is just like the light bulb is physical, you can see that. The electricity behind also is physical, isn’t it? The wire that connects is also physical; the electrons that flow through the wire also are physical existence. So similarly, physical body, mental body, pranic body all are physical dimensions of life.

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