Top 10 Must Know Facts About Dating An Extrovert

Top 10 Must Know Facts About Dating An Extrovert

Well, this is definitely a sensitive topic! Today we will be looking at the top 10 must-know facts about dating an extrovert!

First off, you need to make sure that you are okay with your significant other being an extrovert because they will talk to a lot of people and that can get a bit much because sometimes you can feel like someone better can come along and take your place, they might make them happier.

Second, they talk about their feelings a lot so that is great for the relationship because they let you know when they’re happy or sad, however, they may talk to more people than just you and there is the possibility that they could speak to more people before they tell you and that does hurt a lot but all you can do about it is to talk about it.

Third, first impressions! They’re important and can impact your decision of where you want to take the relationship because your first impressions together are the yes or no of do you want to go out?

Fourth, they know the value of a real conversation. You also need to let out your feelings and have someone to talk to so that is a great feeling, having someone there to understand and listen to you.

Fifth, they love the spotlight and when I say that I really do mean it. If they are good at what they do they will want to be recognised for it, to show they are great at what they do! I mean think about it… a lot of celebrities tend to be extroverts because they love the attention and want to be well known.

Sixth . A new study shows that extroverts, regardless of their nationality or social and economic status are just happier all round the globe. Timothy Church, the author of this study, has said this is the first one in which personality traits seem to override cultural differences.

At number seven we have the fact that they know their limits of social media. Even though they love socialising they mainly prefer talking to people face to face which can be a downer or an amazing thing to do.

Number eight, being too social does not mean they will constantly flirt, especially when in a relationship! Paranoia is a real thing and can make a person crazy, however, all you have to do is trust and respect their private time to themselves

Ninth, they always have the best dating ideas. They know all the cool spots to hang out in and can take you to amazing places that you most probably haven’t been to before because of not going out too much.

Finally, number ten! You have to get ready to meet the people they always talk about,yess, you heard it right.The people they always talk about are usually the people they always care about so that is a big deal for them. Relax and try not to be too nervous.


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