The Girls Came to Visit the Boat! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 56

The Girls Came to Visit the Boat! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 56

Finally, some much needed girl time onboard La Vagabonde. Sorry! Meet my friends Lili and Jodie from Australia. Along with getting up to a little bit (a lot) of mischief onboard, we explore the island of Tahiti, get a haul out and take you on a few little adventures around the town. Thanks for watching and I hope you like this video humans 🙂 Made with love,

Song Credits:
00:34 Crimson Lullaby – Elcee
01:33 Flowers – Asher Krohn
03:08 I Think I’ll be Going Home – Trent Herzman
06:40 Neverland – Water Park
09:33 Bird – Getgogetter [
10:38 In the End – Saving Change
11:41 Fallin’ All the Time – Dominic Bennett
13:11 Northern Lights – Dominic Bennett
13:41 Beach – Cup Danger
14:22 Back to the West – Asher Krohn

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