Ten Rules For Dating In 2020 – MGTOW

Ten Rules For Dating In 2020 – MGTOW

Ten Rules For Dating In 2020 – MGTOW

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Anonymous. He sent me an extensive list of dating rules for 2019 and beyond and I thought I would take some time going through his list and selecting the top ten rules I see as being the most important in 2020 and beyond. First I’ll cover all the rules Mr. Anonymous sent me a and then at the end I’ll mention my favorite ten of them. But before I do let me first tell you about today’s sponsor: Anyways, now back with the show. So let me go through this massive list of rule for dating. The first one is never to marry because marriage no longer exists and it’s just slavery. I can certainly agree to that and MGTOW philosophy says that’s the first thing to do. The next rule is to never move in with a woman or cohabitate. Again this is a rule at the core of MGTOW. The rule after that says to never commit to a woman. I would have to say that I woudn’t necessarily follow this rule. If you have a girlfriend and you’re comfortable with only one woman then sure commit. Again just don’t move in or marry her. But also keep in mind that women don’t care if you don’t commit at first. They will wear you down emotionally like battery charge in their vibrators until you are emotionally putty in their hands and then you will commit. The next rule is never say I love you” to a girl. I think this is a smart rule because it keeps the woman you’re with guessing if you love her or not. That guessing makes the hamster wheel in her head spin over drive. So long as she’s fixated on wether you love her or not she’s going to be too distracted to try and manipulate you in other ways. The next rule is never date just one woman. Date as many as you can. Always keep looking for the bigger better deal, just like the women do. Unfortunately this is a rule that very few men can follow because most men it takes them
months and months to find a woman they can date in the first place. Very few horny blue pill men have the option and or discipline to follow this rule. The next rule is to friendzone women who don’t want to have sex with you. This helps keep you non focused on one woman, and makes other women jealous, so they want you more. Friends are ok but you don’t ever spend money on them or take them on dates. This rule of course is contradictory. If you put a woman in the friendzone then actually she’s the one that has you where she wants you. It’s like you’re willingly making yourself a slave. The next bunch of rules you sent me Mr. Anonymous are about the friendzone and a lot of the contradict each other. You say that if she isn’t good looking enough to sleep with then she’s friendzone material only.

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