Some rules of online dating a Russian man

Some rules of online dating a Russian man

Greetings from Russia! I am a single Russian man who is looking for a foreign bride (who dreams of dating Russian men). As you can see, I am sitting in my pajamas. Yes, I only have a few minutes of free time. Then I will go to sleep. So let’s save each other’s time.

Generally speaking, I am a pretty romantic person. But sometimes I have to use a business approach and even special terminology. Perhaps this is due to my higher economic education. Or because I am very old. Yes, I am thirty two years old. I understand that this is terrible. Or because sometimes I am too serious and boring. So think about it before dating a Russian man.

For example, I believe that a serious relationship is a partnership. The key to success is mutual compromise, that is, successful negotiations. Being in a long distance relationship, we must know the rules of the game in advance.

Firstly, daily communication if you want to date Russian men. I understand that each person has their own life. But if we are in a relationship, then please do not forget about me. Write me letters every day. This is very important at the initial stage, when we have many questions for each other.

Secondly, communication should be diverse if you want to date a Russian man. And when we are both ready, we can try talking online. But I want to warn you in advance that I do not like to wait long for answers. If we communicate online, then reply to my messages without long pauses.

I am a very calm person. Let’s say we communicate online. But you do not pay enough attention to me. You constantly watch pictures on Instagram or funny videos on YouTube. I will not ask you to respect me. I will just tell you, “Burn in hell, witch!”

Thirdly, we must have common interests, goals and plans and constantly move forward. It’s important for dating a Russian man. A relationship should develop. My limit is one year. After that, I will turn into a pumpkin. That is why some girls think that I’m in a hurry.

No, it is not. I just know that you will not want to communicate with me when I turn into a pumpkin. You want dating a Russian guy not a pumpkin. Right?

That is why I warn in advance that I expect a real meeting in a year or even earlier. If this is too fast for you and you want to be in an online relationship for three or even five years, then I can give you the contact details of my cat. He agrees to communicate on such terms. I just want to warn you in advance that my cat is neutered.

If for some reason you want to communicate with me, and not with my cat, then you can write me a letter right now. From Russia with love!


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