Socializing Tips for Introverts

Socializing Tips for Introverts

Socializing Tips for Introverts

1. Talk to everyone at social events. Have people talk about their own interests and actively listen to them.

2. Talk about what interests you. You will be more energized and engaging when talking about your own passions.

3. Don’t filter your thoughts because you think that they are not good enough to say or that you will be judged because of them. This will keep conversations flowing more naturally.

4. Hold strong eye contact.

5. Don’t try to make or force others to like you, but provide the opportunity for them to get to know you. This will take pressure off the interactions.

6. Don’t force a rapport with a person. It’s ok if a conversation naturally fizzles out.

7. Accept nervousness and fear, notice it within yourself, but don’t feel bad about yourself because of it.

8. Stay Positive. Don’t let previous negative interactions influence future interactions.

9. Define success as being willing to put yourself out there and talk to new people. Don’t have it dependent on the the outcome of individual interactions.

Michael Knight holds two degrees in engineering, which he has still yet to fully properly utilize. Instead, he uses his highly analytical mind to coach other logically minded individuals on the topic of social interactions. Michael has personally advised hundreds of men and women in over 30+ different countries.

Prior to teaching soft skills to technical people, Michael graduated from an Ivy League university, completed a graduate degree in Germany, and spent time as an engineer working both in the commercial aerospace and alternative energy industries. It was during this time that he learned first hand the needs of his clients.

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