Should You Play Hard To Get When Dating?

Should You Play Hard To Get When Dating?

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Should You Play Hard To Get When Dating?

It’s the age-old dating cliche – should you play hard to get with a guy you like?

Playing hard to get is one of the most commonly spouted pieces of dating advice. Play hard to get – act like a challenge, and the guy will chase you.

But is “playing hard to get” really good advice in dating???

In this video, I describe the problem with “playing hard to get” as dating advice. You’ll understand why “playing hard to get” might NOT be such good dating advice, BUT how you can apply the logic behind it in a way that isn’t ‘playing’ at all. You’ll learn a way to be challening without ever playing hard to get, which builds more attraction in men than “playing hard to get” ever could!

You’ll never again have to ask the question “Should I play hard to get in dating”. Instead, you’ll be able to build way more attraction with a more authentic, more real approach, that attracts the right men and STILL has them chasing you.

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