Should you date single moms?

Should you date single moms?

Just me sharing a story about my tattoo, my experience dating a single mother, and my thoughts on what guys in similar circumstances should do.
Don’t do it. Get out of there. Get out! Or not, it’s your call, bro. You do you, but just don’t have any more kids, OK? There are too many kids on this planet that need love for you to go and make another one. That shit is just selfish.

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I’m Vegan Victor, welcome to my YouTube channel. Your being here proves that revealing the plight of animals is something you feel strongly about and take seriously.

I discuss many things here, among them are animal rights violations, veganism as moral a baseline, philosophy, logical inconsistencies in anti-vegan arguments, and the abolitionist approach to animal exploitation.

I want to do my part in bringing about a compassionate and just society for all conscious creatures. Clearly the vegan movement needs all the voices it can get. So, my mission is to equip those inclined to speak for the voiceless victims of human tyranny with the best arguments, attitudes, and information available.

The only way to reduce unnecessary suffering in the world is to stop contributing to it.

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