Should Vegans Date Non-Vegans? Let’s Get REAL! [Discussion] [2019]

Should Vegans Date Non-Vegans? Let’s Get REAL! [Discussion] [2019]

Coffee or Tea, *No Phones Allowed! Episode 40: Coffee, Tea & Vegan Dating!
After an unusual pinky salute, the millennial panel draws a topic from the jar that makes Imari and Royce light up!

Should a vegan ever date a non-vegan?

Tyrel is a meat-eater who “is trying” and Kyra doesn’t eat land animals so they square off against the two stalwart vegans, Royce and Imari.

The conversation moves across the reasons for becoming vegan in the first place and how those reasons often change when the full vegan lifestyle is embraced.

Imari, who admits, she was not a vegan when she first met Royce, tell us why she does not think she could date a non-vegan and Royce states that there is no way he would ever date a non-vegan again – as if he has a choice.

Tyrel explains why he thinks that dating a vegan would help him be a better person, because she would encourage him to eat healthier foods.

What do you think? Could you date someone who doesn’t eat the same things you do? If you’re an omnivore, could you ever date someone who only eats plant-based foods? If you’re a vegan, would you consider a relationship with someone doesn’t believe in your dietary ethos? Let us know!

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