REAL Tinder Conversations Breakdown (GOOD VS BAD)

REAL Tinder Conversations Breakdown (GOOD VS BAD)

Breaking down two REAL Tinder Conversations – one successful and one failed. See how to have amazing Tinder Convos.

▶ Today’s Video:

A few days ago, a real Zirby viewer emailed me his Tinder Conversation and asked for feedback. For some reason, things didn’t work out for him and his match.

In today’s video, I break down his conversation line by line to see what could have been done better.

Then I raise the stakes by showing one of my successful Tinder convos from a few days earlier.

By compare and contrast, you’ll see what works and what does — but most importantly why. Plus…

– Learn the highest converting opening Line I’ve ever tried.
– Find out when is the right time to ask for her number.
– See why I can compete with guys who are WAY better looking than me.
– Get never before seen convo strategies.
– Discover what the “Prime Directive” of Tinder is…
– … and learn how to implement it.

This is one of my best videos yet, filled with actionable information so you can turn your swipes into dates.

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– Fujifilm XH1 & Sennheiser Mic.

▶ About my YouTube Channel.

On this YouTube channel, I’ll show you my REAL Tinder strategies… that you can actually use.

No theory, and all real examples – no matter whether you’ve struggled with Online Dating in the past, Zirby will help.

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I’m Marc, the founder of Zirby — the most viewed Tinder strategy blog with over 4M+ readers a month.

Before starting Zirby, I worked at Simple Pickup (2.7M YouTube subscribers) and worked with internationally known dating coaches like Willy Beck, David Bond, Nick Savoy, and more.

In addition to my experience in the Dating world, I also hold a degree in Photography – which is PERFECT for Online Dating!

Feel free to reach out to me at any time. My Email is

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