Q&A Creative Plans What Should We Discuss Next Part 1

Q&A  Creative Plans  What Should We Discuss Next  Part 1

In this video I share with you my plans for videos that I am going to create in the nearest future. I have already 37,000 Russian love quotes in my collection, which gives me a vast freedom to choose plenty of romance and dating topics for our ongoing discussions.

So I do encourage you to leave your comments on what topic is the most interesting for you. If you do it, I will immediately find quotes about your interest and prepare a video on them as soon as possible, because I’m eager to share best love quotes from my collection with you!

By a quote from Fedor Dostoevsky I also touch a delicate issue on trying to combine work for money and work for art and how it can spoil your plans…

My perspective themes for playlist releases are as follows:

How to find love? Species of love. Periods of love. Don’t let your first love go. Love signs. Practical advice on what to do when he does not pay any attention to you. How will you feel the love is real? Anticandidates for husbands. Self-esteem in love relationships. Life without love. Temptation and passion. How love arises. Crisis of men roles in love in modern society. Love and marriage. Love letters of prominent people. Love and procreation. Motherly love. Myths of romantic love. Male demands for love are not changing for ages. Men and women think in love differently. About the meaning (sense) of love. Why love is sought more often and found less often these days. Where to seek love: Is your work a good place to find love? Love for a beautiful-looking person. Why am I still not married? Seven deadly sins in love. To the delights of loneliness. Prose of life that kills love. Contraindications to marriage. To forgive or not to forgive in love. Manifestation love in feelings. On love charm. We do not choose parents; we simply love them. Romance with a married man. Marital infidelity. Pills against marital conflicts. Charms of love: charisma, tact, kindness and delicacy. How to attract men.

Which Relationship Advice Do You Need Most?

What Topic Should We Discuss Next?

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Please kindly leave your comments, and thanks a lot for that!

Together we’ll work out on your suggested issue to resolve it soon. 😉

As usual, I’ll see you in the next videos!