Optimizing Muscular Development In Your Teens & Early 20s | Advice to Novice Lifters

Optimizing Muscular Development In Your Teens & Early 20s | Advice to Novice Lifters

This was a fun one! You’ll learn two paths that you can take if you’re a newer trainee. You’ll learn a ton about Hormonal Optimization, why it’s vital to be in a caloric surplus in your teens and even early twenties. And why I emphasize being lean amongst all else!

And feel free to say hi on the comments! Always excited to welcome new brothers to this journey.

Having grown-up small, skinny and rather weak physically. Jonah made it his mission to dive into what it takes to build a lean and dense muscular physique. One that exudes physical prowess, but also one that looks very GQ.

Going deep into training and nutrition, I’ve also studied natural testosterone optimization and male health in general. Personal growth, masculine development (becoming goal-oriented), Jonah wanted more – to document his journey in building the physique of his dreams, while also sharing with the world. To hopefully inspire many others, and to help as many guys as he can.

Never big – he had issues dirty bulking and gaining too much fat and losing the look. Strength didn’t come easy – he had issues getting his bench over 200 lbs.

Every video I release – it’s my documentation of what is working. I release it in a form of how it can help you – but really, it’s my personal recording of what I am working with now, or in the last 6 weeks. That paired with 5 years now, of trial and error.

I hope my content creates a relatable perspective to any guy looking to grab life by the balls, build a powerful, lean and chiseled body, and carry that confidence over to other areas of your life (with dating, relationships, sports, activities) – this has been the case with me.

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