Muslim Woman Sues Company After Facing Religious Discrimination | NowThis

Muslim Woman Sues Company After Facing Religious Discrimination | NowThis

This Muslim woman says her request for a prayer break cost her a job — now she’s suing for discrimination.
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In US news and current events today, Muslim woman Shahin Indorewala and CAIR are suing Fast Trak Inc after Indorewala says she was denied a job because of her religion. If this is true it would be one of the clearest discrimination in the workplace examples.

Shahin Indorewala: Everything was going well. [The job interview] lasted about 15-20 minutes and then she explained to me the roles, the hours, how to progress within the company and she said that there would be a two hour lunch break, to which I said, ‘That’s kind of a long lunch break, but is it possible for me to take a shorter lunch break and instead take five minutes throughout the day to pray? And I asked her for two 5 minute prayer breaks, which would amount to 10 minutes total because I pray 5 times a day in accordance with my sincerely held religious beliefs and she promptly ended the interview. She said, that’s not going to work. We have fixed hours here.

Indorewala had come infor a 2nd interview with Fast Trak management

Shahin Indorewala: As we were walking back to the office, I thought why don’t I talk to somebody else in charge, maybe they’ll be able to help me out. So we were at the front desk in the office and the CEO Ramses Gavilondo was at the front desk. […] The assistant manager, she handed him my resume and she said the hours don’t work for her. And it was kind of like he already started looking over my paper and marking stuff up. So I quickly asked him, do you think you can accommodate my five minute prayer breaks and instead I’m willing to take a shorter lunch break? And he said ‘what?’ And I repeated myself very calmly. I thought he just simply didn’t understand. But the way he was asking me, the way he said ‘what’ was also very condescending and I said, well because of my religion I have to pray 5 times a day. And 2 of those prayers are going to happen within the within the hours of the work that you guys told me because it was from 11:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. I believe and I would have at least 2 to 3 prayers that I would have to pray. So I asked him, can you guys accommodate me and I’m willing to take a shorter lunch break? And he said religion, we don’t want that here. And then he pointed to my head scarf and he was making all sorts of like hand movements and becoming very loud and I was still like calm. I was just trying to explain to him the situation. And he was just like religion, we don’t want that here. We don’t want these religious shenanigans here.

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