Mistakes That Ruin A Date With A Woman

Mistakes That Ruin A Date With A Woman

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Mistakes That Ruin A Date With A Woman.

If you want to see that girl again, avoid doing this list of things.

When we have a first date with that girl that catches our attention, we can fall into some very common mistakes maybe because of the nerves.

We must pay close attention to some details that we have to avoid to make a good impression and keep moving forward to get into something else.

Avoid these Mistakes That Ruin A Date With A Woman:


Having a bad body odor on that occasion is unforgivable, the first time you go out with that person is for you to captivate and impress her.

If from the first moment you neglect this aspect, the chances of going out again with that girl are almost null.


Some men overdo it and instead of looking good it seems they are wearing a costume, the idea is that you dress well but casually without exaggerating trends or style.

You should feel comfortable to be at ease and you can enjoy yourself without being constantly worrying about your clothes.


When you make that girl feel as if she were being interrogated, it is a big mistake.

Did you know that the most important thing is the topic of conversation?

That’s right, women feel interested in a man who can talk about anything.

It is good that you want to know her, it is understood, but before asking personal questions about her work, studies, plans, etc, the first thing you should do is to break the ice by talking about basic things like the weather, traffic.

Ask her how her day was. Things that allow creating an environment of trust. If you start directly asking what she does for a living, she may think that you are only interested in her personal finances and you do not worry much about knowing other aspects of her life, so go slowly.


There is nothing more pleasant than hanging out with a cool person, it is something that makes you comfortable, unlike someone who has a twisted face as if constipated. Nobody forces you to be there.

If you do not like something you can say anything and leave because being with that attitude is just wasting your time.

She will not be interested in seeing you again if you are negative or unfriendly. Instead, showing yourself tolerant and kind will make her want to see you again very soon.


A very frequent mistake is to talk about your previous relationships. Giving details about how they were or how you ended up with your ex-partners should not be a topic of conversation.

If she is not very discreet and comes to ask, you can give a very clever answer without saying anything: I do not like to speak badly about my ex-partners, at the time I had a good time and it is appreciated, I prefer to concentrate on my present.

You should keep in mind that when we speak badly about other people we tend to communicate our own frustrations and fears, we can reveal a lot about ourselves thinking that we are talking about another person, so it is best to avoid it.

If you want to learn more about the “Mistakes That Ruin A Date With A Woman”, Click or Tap the link Below to download my FREE ebook:

How To Approach Her:

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