Lifestyle Architecture Lab Podcast – Delton Dsouza (Adventure Filmmaker and Director of Photography)

Lifestyle Architecture Lab Podcast – Delton Dsouza (Adventure Filmmaker and Director of Photography)

Episode 18 of the LAL Podcast is here.

In this episode, I’m talking to Delton Dsouza. He’s an adventure Film Maker, Director of Photography and Cinematographer. He’s been publishing his amazing adventure outdoors videos on YouTube including his BikePacking Series. His video editing works are just out of the world. He’s also done commercial work with names like Vogue, Flipkart and more.

In this conversation, we cover a wide variety of topics – his creative process, how he transitioned to this creative career from a regular airline job. We also talk about his YouTube series called BikePacking. There is a lot of nitty-gritty details if you are an aspiring filmmaker, YouTuber or Director.

It was just pure joy listening to this guy talk about his passion.

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Lifestyle Architecture Lab is a show hosted by Himanshu Sachdeva.

Himanshu Sachdeva is a lifestyle architect and a self-experimenter. Best known for his Blog – Lifestyle Architecture Lab.

In this show, he talks about lifestyle design, financial freedom and converses with personalities who have designed a lifestyle of freedom for themselves. These guests range from artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, lifestyle coaches, investors, professional athletes etc. These conversations dig deep into their story to find out their thought process, tools, strategies and tricks that make them tick.

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