Introverts and Parties

Introverts and Parties

It’s the party season! Christmas approaches and the dreaded office party invitation arrives… But as in introvert and INTP, what do I do? Crowded venues full of rowdy, noisy, drunken poeople are the opposite of fun, after all… Aren’t they? But in our fake extrovert culture, most people think the opposite.

I mostly do gameplay playthroughs on easier levels of difficulty for beginners, some (hopefully) intelligent vlogging about current affairs, science, money and philosophy, and a few sightseeing videos of Britain and my holidays abroad. Do subscribe if you like what you see!

This depends in part on whether I have had time to record videos in between going to work and living the rest of my life! Usually it runs like this:
– Sat & Sun: a video at midday and 6pm (UK time)
– Tues & Thurs most weeks: a video at midday
– If I have something extra to post it usually appears at some random time 🙂 I also livestream sometimes in the evenings and weekends if I have the time and if the software actually works…


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Not updated too often these days – YouTube comes first!
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