HOW WE MET || When God Writes your Love Story || Ronnie and Mel

HOW WE MET || When God Writes your Love Story  || Ronnie and Mel

This is what happens when God takes an X Games freestyle motocross rider and a motocross model, transforms them into totally new people by His love and brings them back together eight years later to get married for His Mission. This is the story of how we met and what happens when God writes your love story!

So if you are a Christian single, waiting on God and trusting His timing, we think you will really be inspired by this video. God is worth the wait! Or if you are dating or married, you can still be encouraged by what can happen when Jesus works in our relationships to build a godly marriage as a Christian couple

R O N N I E & M E L // Ronnie Faisst, a freestyle motocross pioneer turned preacher. Melissa Faisst, a motocross model turned missionary! On this channel, we help YOU find God & walk with Jesus in your daily lives!

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For Single Women: “Passion & Purity” by Elizabeth Elliot
For Men: “Disciplines of a Godly Man” by R. Kent Hughes
For Dating: “The Right One” by Jimmy Evans & Frank Martin
For Marriage: “Sacred Marriage” by Gary Thomas

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