How To Talk To A Girl To Attract Her | How Men “Talk Themselves Into The Friend Zone” With Women

How To Talk To A Girl To Attract Her | How Men “Talk Themselves Into The Friend Zone” With Women

Want to get girls attracted and turned on naturally? Watch this video:

So when it comes to how to talk to people a lot of us guys have two modes of operation: work conversation and social conversation.

And so when it comes to going on a date with that hot girl you’ve had your eye on and finally set up a date with most guys fall into “social conversation mode”.

That’s the way you talk to your friends when you invite them over for dinner, making conversation, being entertaining, avoiding awkward silences, being a perfect host.

In other words you’re trying to prove that you can hold a conversation, make people feel comfortable and don’t offend anyone.

But is that the way to attract a girl on a date? To turn her on? To make her go crazy in anticipation of your touch?

Not so much.

And this is one of the reasons why so many guys find themselves ending up in the so-called “friend zone”. Because they literally “talk themselves” into it with their socially minded, safe and engaging conversation.

Don’t try to prove to a girl that you can hold a conversation or talk about a lot of interesting topics. It’s not about the conversation.

It’s about how you make her feel.

And how you want to make her feel ideally should be excited, turned on, brimming with anticipation, even a bit on edge at times.

So if you want to get girls attracted and turned on naturally then watch this video now:

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