How To Study In America For Free! Full Ride Scholarships For USA Colleges

How To Study In America For Free! Full Ride Scholarships For USA Colleges

Every year more and more international students are choosing to do their undergraduate studies in America. Did you know it’s possible to study for free in America? Lots of colleges offer full ride tuition scholarships for international students. It’s also possible to get in state tuition at US Universities. Surya & Arshdeep share how they got their tuition fees completely paid for as undergrad students at the University of Texas at Dallas. Learn how to get scholarships and free tuition when you study abroad in America as F1 International Students.

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Chai & Coaching is for the students and by the students. Chai & Coaching wants to help international students studying in America to be as successful as possible. F1 students have lots of struggles studying far from home, so we want to provide resources and helping them find community while pursuing their undergrad, masters, or PhD in America. Living in a different culture can be hard, so we want to provide tips to help you understand American culture, and improve your cross-cultural communication. So whether you are from China, India, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Iran, Nigeria, Nepal, the UK, Turkey, Russia, Kuwait, Germany, France, Indonesia, Venezuela, Malaysia, Colombia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Spain, or any other place, you are most welcome to come and study in America! Let’s work together to help one another out. So grab some chai, coffee, or something else tasty, and let’s learn together.


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