How to Stop Worrying | Outcome Dependence

How to Stop Worrying | Outcome Dependence

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Fight or Flight- 0:24
The One- 7:08
Rare Pedestal- 10:35
All about the Ego- 12:12
Single Mom’s- 17:39
Objectifying Women- 21:44
What your goal should be- 24:54
Summery- 28:19

We all want to stop worrying but we don’t know how to stop worrying.
Our anxiety seems to control our every move and we worry it will never end.

This video is about how to stop worrying and stressing and getting the success you want in your life.

The psychology of outcome dependence (worrying about the future) is a hard one to grasp. My video sets out to explain how this affects your life and what you can do to get rid of your anxiety.

There are many things that cause outcome dependence. This video attempts to address all the reasons men worry about the future. This video focuses on women, dating and relationships.

About this video:
This video will show you everything you need to know about outcome dependence. Specifically, you’ll learn how to stop worrying about women and dating and the cause of the anxiety.

In fact, these are the methods that help guys answer the question “how to stop worrying and stressing”. They’re the main reason that I got into personal development and helping people overcome anxiety.

So what are these methods ?

The first is the Pedestal. This is simply how men project their future happiness onto the outcome of meeting and dating women. There are many types of pedestals: “The one” “rare” “good” “beautiful”.

Next up we have mastering the ego. This is simply making sure you getting over acting macho,
Putting others down, Overselling oneself, Sucking up to people and Running away from challenges and refusing opportunities. I’ve found that — once you can overcome these ego issues you become more free and feel less anxiety around women.

Our next factor is making sure that you address issues around having a single mom or overbearing mother. It only effects 50% of you guys but for some it cripples their psychology .

Once you’ve optimized your thinking up till this point, it’s time to look at objectifying women. As you’ll see, this is something that you’ll need to deal with before you will get success. Trying to talk to women before you have dealt with this issue will result in getting rejected or becoming her slave.

Finally, we have what your goal should be. This section social expectations and how men are perceived by women and potential lovers.

Last up, we have a summery: Breaking down each step to the “basics” for fast reference. How to stop worrying and stressing about life, women, the future and your dating life is a process but the first step is understanding.
The video is for motivation to start dealing with the issues that hold men back. How to stop worry in its tracks and lead a more fulfilling life.

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