How to Pick Up Girls – 3 Tips To Get Laid With Sexy Women

How to Pick Up Girls – 3 Tips To Get Laid With Sexy Women

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If I flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head?

Did you sit on a pile of sugar? Because you have a pretty sweet ass.

Do pick up lines really work?

The answer is, they do. I mean, they can make a girl laugh, giggle, and smile for a while. But the question is, can you use them to get laid? yes!

Because when you already have the skill of picking up girls, and the right knowledge and experience, you can literally walk up to a girl and just say anything that pops out your mind, then end up actually sleeping with the girl.

You think you can do that? absolutely! I’m gonna teach you how, in a second.

The main reason why men run out of things to say with a girl is because, they filter their thoughts too often! They think too much whether you should say what’s in your mind because she might not like it.

Today, I’m gonna share with you 3 tips that will make you almost IRRESISTIBLE, when picking up girls. I have to warn you that they’re pretty simple, but i just want you to keep an open mind.

After this, You’ll be able to do things from getting a girl’s number, to getting laid. This is really good stuff so let’s get started.

1. Be confident. Before you tell me that you already know that, let me explain. You should conquer your approach anxiety. You have conquered your approach anxiety when you can walk to a girl and talk to her like a normal person.

Most guys will treat a hot chick differently, weirdly! If you approach hot girl like a normal person, she will see you as a normal person; not a creep, not a weirdo.

Be confident and treat her like a normal lady. And you might win her attention and her number and her pussy. That’s the very first step in picking up girls.

2. Try to talk with your lower normal voice. Don’t try too hard, just make it natural. Talking with your lower voice actually gives women the impression that you are a dominant person.

Men normally talk with a higher pitch when speaking while feeling nervous; women detect that, and they don’t want that. So make it a habit to keep your voice pretty low pitched.

3. Don’t filter your thoughts. What your mind tells you, say it. If you think too much, you end up not saying anything. Or if you say something, it won’t sound natural. Like you just read that line from somewhere.

I know what I shared with you doesn’t seem like much. But lots of men know it and don’t use it. They’re not aware of its effectiveness!

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