How To Know if She’s “FAKING IT”! (8 Secret Ways to Tell)

How To Know if She’s “FAKING IT”! (8 Secret Ways to Tell)

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80% of women fake it 50% of the time. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is telling you why she is faking it, signs if she’s faking it, and how to help her not fake it.

According to Wikipedia, between 25-75% of women fake it all the time or on a regular basis.

Why does she feel the need to fake it?
Your ego is one reason. Another reason is the sexual positions don’t stimulate her. A third reason is pe . Age is another reason — younger women fake it more than older women because they aren’t as comfortable with their body and sexuality. Just wanting it to be over is another reason.

Here are some signs that she actually did fake it.
If you had to ask, she probably didn’t.
If all hell doesn’t break loose for a split second, it’s not happening. A real woman’s “o” is like a man’s.
If she’s still making out with you, she didn’t because she can’t do two things at the same time when she’s about to. She may not even look you in the eye or even talk.
If she’s doing all sorts of crazy things like bouncing off the wall, she’s probably not. If she’s having one (just like a man’s), the body gets stiff and rigid.
If her … doesn’t retract into her body, it’s fake.
If she ‘Kegels’ (boom boom boom), it’s not real.
If her breathing is regular and consistent, she’s probably not. She should be breathing short and quick just before it happens.
If she does at the same time as you, she’s probably not really having one.