How to Attract Girls-Dating Advice(tips) For Men

How to Attract Girls-Dating Advice(tips) For Men

To attract girls, live an active life, set and achieve goals, and learn to see yourself as an attractive person. Practice good hygiene and build self-confidence with instructions from a dating coach in this free video on dating and relationship advice.

Video Transcript
Hi this is Jessica Claire with New York Dating Coach in New York City. In this clip we are going to talk about how to attract girls. Needless to say there are many, many ways to attract women but I would say you can dress your best, you can have great personal hygiene, but there’s only really one way that you are going to attract a larger amount of women, and that is to live your own life voraciously. Follow your own dreams. Value your own time. Become your own man. The most attractive thing to a woman is confidence and you hear that all the time. The only way to build confidence is to accomplish your own goals. The more that you are loving your own life, the more that you really think of yourself as someone positive and powerful, the more that women around you will notice that. So attracting women is based on how attractive you find yourself. Your own ability to smile at yourself, take life you know as sort of less seriously then it really is. And believe me you’ll start to slowly but surely find that more and more women are attracted to the you that you would be attracted to yourself. This is Jessica Claire in New York City. If you want to succeed at dating, you have to try, so as to achieve the perfect dating, dating advice and listen to, or watch some dating video, or some date movie, then go for a first date, so it will Not dating fail,become a dating losers. Finally you can to him courtship dating. This video from


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