HONEST LIFE UPDATE + Q&A | Goals, do I binge eat, IUD, dating, and more!

HONEST LIFE UPDATE + Q&A |  Goals, do I binge eat, IUD, dating, and more!

Sit back, grap a cup off coffee, and lets have a chit chat! To give myself an actual holiday this years its a simplesitdown q&A video with the questions you guys asked me over on instagram. We talk about working out on your period,IUD, workout motivation, dealing with binge eating, traveling, dating, relationship, getting rid of bloating, dating apps in toronto, and much more! I also go into detail about what you can expect from this channel in 2020! ENJOY!

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A sporty spice girl living in a pumpkin spice world. Hi I’m Keltie, and you can think of me as your friendly neighbourhood fit chick! A former college basketball player turned Sports Model & fitness youtube/Instagrammer. Now travelling around Canada trying different workouts, sports, & fitness trends…. or just trying to pet all the dogs.

Here you’ll find behind the scene videos of all kinds of workouts & sports, experimenting with different fitness & health trends, athletic apparel reviews, fashion try-on’s/hauls, and whatever else life throws at me!

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