Holding men accountable | The biggest dating mistakes

Holding men accountable | The biggest dating mistakes

What’s good youtube. Hey ladies.
Good men don’t exist. Nothing you’ve endured was your fault. Only men do wrong. Personal responsibility is a sexist construct. Do what you want with your bodies without regard to your future. The only way to survive is to mimic the worse qualities you’ve seen in men. There’s only one type of man, and that’s a fuckboy. That’s all I got for now. Follow me on Instagram. I’ll get with yall later.

It seems like thats what so many people want from me. But let me ask you something. Would that help you? Would that empower you. Would it move you to improve your lives or make better decisions? Probably not. dating mistakes

I often get comments about holding men accountable. Why I don’t spend more time telling men to treat women better. Why I don’t hold men accountable? The answer is simple. I being one man can’t stop unscrupulous men from preying on the misguided minds of some women. I can however warn millions of women of the dangers they face. I can empower women to make smarter more self sustaining decisions. The men who have their way with woman after woman and leave a trail of broken hearts behind them aren’t watching videos like mine trying to become a better man. If they’re watching any dating videos at all it’s about how to get more women’s draws off, not less. dating mistakes

Many women have made a lot of mistakes and prefer only to deal with the facts they aren’t incriminated by. I’m not here to validate those mistakes or pander to their victim hood. I’m here to help those who wish to learn a better way. Some ladies be acting innocent and dumb when neither of those are true. I have no interest in pretending with them.

Furthermore, the assumption that men don’t go through horrible things at the hands of women is ridiculous. Many women have contributed to creating the monsters they complain so much about. This may come as a great shock to some of you but about 25 percent of my emails come from women trying to steal another woman’s man or husband. Or sneaking around as the other woman. Let’s stop pretending all women are innocent. That they aren’t capable of contributing to their own trauma’s with men. That every single negative relationship experience happened to them and not through them. That’s hardly ever the case. They have made some dating mistakes.

Look there are some sorry ass men out here. They take advantage of women. They lie they cheat. They use. They abuse. They lead women on. They ruin lives. They break hearts. And they should be held a accountable. The whole reason make these videos is to get women to hold men accountable. But venting in my comments after the damage is done isn’t holding men accountable. Calling me a misogynist isn’t holding men accountable. Writing whole paragraphs about how real men don’t exist anymore isn’t holding men accountable. Accountability is about Setting and enforcing standards for them. It is not moving forward until those standards are met. Not doing so would be a dating mistake.

The perfect time to hold men accountable is not when your joy has been taken from you or you’ve let a man waste your good years. It’s not after you let a dozen men sample and test drive only to keep shopping and leave you feeling discarded like a piece of garbage. It can’t be done on a youtube video or in the comment section. It’s not a hashtag on Instagram. It’s about your habits.

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