Happy Gal-entines Day ft. Rosa Acosta, Parker McKenna & Rocsi Diaz – I’m Here For The Food Ep. 15

Happy Gal-entines Day ft. Rosa Acosta, Parker McKenna & Rocsi Diaz – I’m Here For The Food Ep. 15

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and love is in the air! But what do u do if it seems like Cupid’s arrow couldn’t find your ass if you had a bullseye painted on it? No, you don’t spend February 14th curled up in a ball on your living room floor; you call up your gal pals, plan a nite out and give Cupid the finger on your way out the door! Joining Melyssa and Blue for some “Gal-entine’s Day” fun is a gorgeous trio of Melyssa’s pals: actress Parker McKenna, TV personality Rocsi Diaz and Model-preneur Rosa Acosta. Grab some goodies, like the ones featured from www.thegoodgoodla.com to go with your wine (and don’t worry about the calories, they don’t count this week 😉) sit back and indulge in some raunchy and hysterical girl talk!

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Putting a comedic (and real life) spin on the title, Melyssa Ford’s podcast I’m Here for the Food originally set out to reflect the difficulties she, and most women experience in their dating lives. However, after several episodes and many interesting guests later, Melyssa opened up the conversation to a wide variety of topics such as colorism, forgiveness, sex trafficking, and yes, even death, to shed light on subjects that aren’t perpetuated in mainstream media.

She is joined by co-host Blue Telusma, to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences on overlooked topics with the show’s weekly special guests.

With each episode, not only do you get thought provoking conversations but you are exposed to truthful and honest individuals who embrace their uniqueness in a meaningful space.

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