Hair Covering as a Form of Religious Freedom | MANE | NowThis

Hair Covering as a Form of Religious Freedom | MANE | NowThis

Hair can be a massive part of a woman’s identity — even for those women who choose to cover it.
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Hair is a major facet when it comes to how we express ourselves — even if that means covering it as part our religious identity.

Hearing a hijab doesn’t mean that Muslim women don’t style their hair. This is why Huda Quhshi created Le ‘Jemalik spa, as a space where women who cover their hair can still be pampered.

“The hijab is how I practice my faith and it’s how I express my identity. So, as a Muslim woman, if you see my walking outside in my hijab, you immediately know I’m a Muslim woman.” Quhshi explained. “The salon, it gave them a safe space where they can feel accepted because, before this, we never had a space that we can practice our faith and get beautified at the same time.”

Orthodox Jewish women like Zelda Voltov also choose to cover their hair, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t express themselves stylishly with the help of wigs. Voltov was frustrated by the old-fashioned styles that were available to her, so she created Zelda Hair as a way for Jewish women to conceal their hair, while still being able to wear stylish attractive wigs.

She explained, “The general idea is that we have a full stock of wigs and a woman would have an initial consult — we would discuss color and size and texture and we would pick from various different pieces in the salon.”

You can conceal your hair but still make it your own — as these awesome entrepreneurs prove.

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Hair is not just a part of our appearance, it’s a part of our identity. It’s how we show our personality, our background, and our beliefs. MANE is about the intersection of hair and culture. Each week we’ll explore a different hair trend, from the history behind it to the people who drive it, and the culture that keeps it alive.

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