Girl On A Solo Date feat. Nidhi Bisht, Shreyasi Sharma & Sachin Negi | Girliyapa

Girl On A Solo Date feat. Nidhi Bisht, Shreyasi Sharma & Sachin Negi | Girliyapa

Women have found medical cures, reached outer space, led wars, ruled nations etc etc. But ask her to go out and have dinner alone in a public place and she may concede defeat. Arushi is your typical 20-something girl who’s on the lookout for love, the most important kind – Self love! She decides to go on a date with herself, but like most of us constantly wonders if she looks like a lonely loser, if other couples are judging her and if the waiter is pitying her. Will Arushi conquer the most awkward date she has been on?

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Creative Head: Nidhi Bisht
Channel Head: Sarjita Jain
Written by: Saishree Dattatreya, Mayank Pandey
Directed by: Mayank Pandey
DOP: Kunal Hassanandani
Edited by: Akash Bundhoo
Channel Associate Head Writer: Shreyasi Sharma
Stock Music by: Universal Production Music
Production Design: Nirmal Poddar
Supervising Producer: Shivani Sinha
Associate Creative Producer: Alakananda Nayak
Chief Assistant Director: Vinit Samel
Costume Stylist: Reena Harpalani
Line Producer: Uteja Sharma
Post Production Supervisor: Garvit Janshali
Sync Sound: Rajesh Pradhan
Assistant Directors: Komal Udeshi, Devansh Yadav
Assistant Production Design:
Color Graded By: Akash Bundhoo
Graphics: Madhuri Rathi, Ankit Bairagee, Anshuman Singh
Art Assistants: Priyesh Lunde
Associate DOP: Aditya Shubham
Sound Attendant: Roushan Kumar Singh
Production Manager: Niharika Rathod
Assistant Production Manager: Jitendra Garud, Santosh Lokhande
Production Executive: Nitin Kumar
Head of Production: Arun Kumar
Head of Brand Partnerships: Pankaj Malani
Head of Brand Solutions: Varun Joshua
Head of Account Management: Gaurav Sapre
Account Manager: Mohit Chamal
Brand Sales: Puneet Shukla
Brand Solutions: Asavari Waichal
Brand Manager: Reema Desai
Thumbnail and Creatives: Kashika Chawla, Vaibhav Mehta
Digital Marketing Lead: Radhika Vijay
Release Team: Bhuvneshwari Aiyer
Finance: Manish Saini, Nikita Joshi, Rupesh Bhosale
Office Admin: Avadhraj Yadav
Legal: Megha Gupta, Chaitrali Dhurandhar, Isha Warhade
Wardrobe for Nidhi Bisht: Vero Moda
Location: Sagar Fine Dine and Bar
Special Thanks: Ambuj Gupta
Cast: Nidhi Bisht, Abhishek Jha, Sachin Negi, Aakanksha Dua, Shreyasi Sharma, Ambuj Gupta

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