* Full Moon in Leo + Twin Flame Energetic Check-In * – InstaL!ve Session 2/05/2020

* Full Moon in Leo + Twin Flame Energetic Check-In * – InstaL!ve Session 2/05/2020

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For private readings please email me at: divineconversations2711@gmail.com

30 min – $65
60 min – $130


Single question – $30

For a single question, I’ll pull 5 Tarot cards plus and overall energy from the bottom of the deck and give you the details of what I pick up.

General Freestyle Reading – $55
Oracle Guidance Add-on – $10 extra, $65 total

This reading is ideal for any situation you wish to discuss but would like more information than a single question reading could provide. Consists of one tarot deck. Check the monthly Zodiac readings for an example of this reading. Can also include oracle guidance from one oracle deck most applicable to the situation in question for an extra $10. (Available Oracle decks listed below)

Mirror Reading/Spiritual Check-In – $75

A mirror reading consists of two tarot decks; one deck speaks to the energy of the querent, the other deck speaks to the energy(s) of the other person or situation in question. For this reading I ask the cards to speak with us about the current state of the energies of both the querent and the person/situation in question as separate entities and how these energies are currently interacting with each other. I then pull a relationship reading from the Animal Spirits deck to give further guidance on the relationship between the two in question. Additional oracle guidance is available for $10/deck. You can either choose the deck yourself or I can choose for you.

Available oracle decks:
~Crystal Mandala
~Light Worker Oracle
~Whispers of Love
~Oracle of Visions
~Oracle of the Unicorns
~The Faery Forest Oracle
~Sacred Rebels

Mental Snap-Shot – $45

For this I pull three cards plus at least one overall indicator from the bottom of the deck (typically 4 cards in total) from the Oracle of Visions deck to get a mental snap-shot of the situation in question. I then pull clarifiers from a tarot deck to get further information on the topic.

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