Find Love Again in Mid-Life! – Dating Advice for Women Over 50

Find Love Again in Mid-Life! – Dating Advice for Women Over 50

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It’s Never Too Late!
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Show # 280 : It’s Never Too Late…To Find Love Again in Mid-Life!

Finding love again in mid-life isn’t easy, but it’s definitely not impossible.

Sandy and Jim (names have been changed to protect their privacy) had both been married before and found love again with each other.

Everything was going great in their relationship. They were really into each other and were spending as much time, as they could together.

Jim really felt like their relationship was progressing along nicely and he was really happy.
It’s Never Too Late…To Find Love Again In Mid-Life

But one weekend, Jim had to take care of some personal things and some issues with his kids. So, he told Sandy that he wouldn’t be able to see her that one weekend.

Instead of being understanding and supportive, Sandy got bent out of shape…BIG TIME!

She was triggered and thought he was just making up an excuse to not see her, so she completely cut him off and wouldn’t talk to him.

Jim was completely taken aback by her response and actions. He didn’t know what he had done wrong, but he was pretty certain these were wounds from her past relationships, that were rearing their ugly head again.

And that was the problem. Sandy had dragged old baggage into this new healthy relationship and made Jim pay for the things that her exes had done to her in past relationships.

Unfortunately, after that fiasco, Jim no longer saw Sandy as they type of woman that he would want to spend the rest of his life with. He knew she would never trust or believe him and he would always be walking on egg shells with her.

Have you ever been triggered like Sandy in a new relationship?

You’re not alone!

If you want to find out how to find love again in mid-life and not sabotage the relationship by bringing in old baggage, then tune into this amazing interview where we turned the tables and my guest host, Michelle Ann Owens interviewed me on, “It’s Never Too Late…To Find Love Again in Mid-Life!”