Dating Tips for Single Moms

Dating Tips for Single Moms

If these strategies helped me find true love and attract my soulmate worked for me, they can work for anybody, including you! All of these strategies when I practiced them consistently, ultimately brought me my soulmate who was right in front of me the whole time I was single! We never came together until I did the work.
Wishing you lots of love!

Lets talk dating today. I was a single mom for 8 years. I went on lots of dates. I wouldn’t date for a year or 2 in a row and get really frustrated and then decide to put myself out there and try it again. I put together a list of some things I wish I would have known. I was with my first husband for about 10 years and I know a lot of you moms may be dating for the first time in a long time and it’s tough.

First, have your very first time you meet someone always be coffee. I wish I had just done Starbucks for any person I ever met ever because everyone seems really nice and really cute after a couple martinis, right? So when you first meet someone you want to be completely sober so you can pay attention to the signs that I missed a lot.

Second, never reach out ever. I fell for this so many times. We’d have a good time and they’d say “lets do this again” no matter if they wanted to or not. Or, even worse, I was supposed to meet a guy and I had gotten a babysitter. So instead of ignoring him forever like I should have, I reached out to him, “Hey are we still on.” Ladies, if someone wants you, they will not forget a date! They will always follow up with you. They want to take you out. And if they don’t, they DO NOT want you, and they’re not worth your time. He said, “oh sorry I was going to go have a drink with my room mate,” I just wanted a break so I said ok to someone who didn’t want to take me on a date, and he’d rather hang out with his room mate. I said I’ll meet you wherever you guys are going. Yeah. Desperate. It didn’t seem like it at the time, but I didn’t meet someone who was real and loyal and true to his word until I didn’t need a break from single momhood. So that’s really the whole point of my strategy, to create a life that you love so much that you don’t need a break. Learn from me.

Third: If and only if after the first date, ONLY if you really want to see him again, then that’s the only time you say “Thank you, great to meet you.” Thanks it. It’s kind of the same thing. Don’t reach out. Have him come to you. Having a person who is actually going to pursue you is really important. I always visualized my real husband going “I love you. You’re coming with me.” He doesn’t want anybody to date me. He wants me all to himself. He wants to fill up my calendar. I visualized that, however I still reached out with other teachers.

Before John and I had our first date he’d already asked me out for the second, so he was filling up my calendar, then I was going out of town. So he booked a flight to Austin. He wanted to come see me sing. He wanted to spend his weekend with me. So that’s the kind of man you want. They take action, they fill up your calendar, they want to have you all to themselves. You’re a one in a million beautiful amazing woman, and you need a man who treats you like that.

Lastly, pay attention to what he’s asking, specifically. What is he curious about? Does he actually listen when you’re talking to him? I had a lot of teachers go “oh so tell me about your kids.” It was almost like this ceremonious get the kids out of the way. Then they talk about themselves. That’s a huge red flag. They don’t want someone with kids. They want to take me out anyway, just in case som’in’-som’in’ happens. However, you’re always going to find what you’re putting out into the universe. I wanted a break from single momhood, and I wanted to have some drinks and have some fun and “forget” I was a single mom…That’s exactly who I attracted! They didn’t want to date me. They just wanted to take me out and see what they could get out of me. Look for the red flags. The number one thing, I think, is not listening about who you are because they don’t really care. They might want to get you in bed, but that’s it. They don’t want to put in any effort, huge red flag, and then you just know. And then when I learned something, I’d write it on your soulmate list. “My soulmate listens attentively. He cares about me. My soul mate cares about my children, and he wants to help and support them and be a good example to them.” I wrote those things because I experienced the opposite in the dates. Update your soulmate list, read it again and confirm to yourself that even though you met somebody who is the opposite of the person you want to marry and you deserve to be with, you can pray that your soulmate is manifesting you and is wonderful.


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