Dating Men Over 40 [Dating A Divorced Woman]

Dating Men Over 40 [Dating A Divorced Woman]
Dating Men Over 40 and Dating A Divorced Woman.

What if you could get inside the head of a 40 something divorced man and hear what he really thinks about dating and relationships.

So what does a divorced man over 40 really think about dating and relationships?
Let me set the stage
You meet this man that is reasonably attractive, well spoken and financially secure.
He is quite capable of handling his life after divorce in terms of the domestic issues and he is also a committed father who says he takes an active interest in his children’s lives.
Looks like he has the potential of being a great catch for a divorced woman over 40 who is looking for a long term relationship.
But is he really all that you think he is?
Or is he something altogether different even though he believes he is a winner duh!
Well I happened to find these shocking comments from a 40 plus year old divorced man on the best of Craigslist and want to share some of what’s inside this guys scary head.

He views a woman as mostly there to satisfy his sexual needs.
But he prefers a dog for companionship where he can be the master.
Do you get the feeling that his ex wife got tired of being treated like a dog and dealing with this master?

Does he think that a woman who is in a happy and fulfilling relationship will actually leave?
She would still be in the relationship unless she was unhappy in the marriage.
So does he mean that basically there is no acceptable reason for a woman to divorce her husband?

But sir tell us what you really mean, don’t hold back.

Do you think in reality he is actually fearful that a real woman could make him look stupid and insecure rather than the other way around?

So in addition to everything else he has written independent women are not acceptable for him to date.
Ok so does that statement not cover all divorced and single woman who take care of themselves and
their children?
They are responsible for themselves which makes them independent does it not?
Can you even imagine having more than a 2 minute conversation with this guy without going cross eyed?
But here is the thing.
Sadly this man represents what a certain percentage of men in their 40’s who are dating and may also believe the same things about women and dating.
In other words there are some real losers out there that may be good at disguising themselves as good guys other wise they would never get a date.
Your job as a woman is to notice the red flags early on.
But if you feel like you don’t want to risk losing the man you are seeing because you don’t want to feel lonely then you are in denial to ignore these red flags.

Now these are just some of the snippets of what this guy wrote.
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