Dating An Introvert | The Right Approach To Get Your Introverted Ex Back

Dating An Introvert | The Right Approach To Get Your Introverted Ex Back

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Dating An Introvert | The Right Approach To Get Your Introverted Ex Back

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Dating an introvert and getting an introverted ex back can be really, really challenging. So many people bring it up to us because they find that their partners when dating an introvert are more shy, or to themselves, and like to be alone, and prefer to be alone. There’s so much to say about them. They’re very special people and we need to tailor our approach to introvertedness because ultimately, if we’re going to re-attract someone, we have to re-attract them, by showing them that we know them, and that they can trust us.

So if you’re dating an introvert or trying to get back with an introverted ex, you’re not alone, and it’s very possible. Just be cautious. And maybe, this journey is going to take a little bit longer than what you see online – with the traditional 30 days of no contact, followed up by a letter. Everything changes from couple to couple, and we think it’s important that you know a one-size does not fit all when it comes to love and relationships.

If your ex is introverted, it’s very likely that they may not crack during radio silence the way a lot of people do. They may not be as responsive to the letter. They may not be as willing to engage or hang out or spend time. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get them back. But, it does mean that you’re going to have to be really sensitive to those characteristics. You’re going to have to be really sensitive to their need or preference of being alone or in isolation. That means being in radio silence a little bit longer, or being extra gentle with your outreach, making sure that if you are communicating with them, whether it be verbal or non-verbal, that they feel comfortable and respected and not as though we are impeding on their decision or trying to pressure or bully them. Because when it comes to being introverted, subtlety is important.

And so if you are in this position, know that this is going to be a marathon. It’s not going to be a sprint, but it’s still possible. When you approach them, make sure that you’re being gentle, and that the wording you’re using is not aggressive, or violent, or angry, or desperate, or anxiety-driven. Make sure that you are taking this one step at a time, from start to finish, because that is how they will be more responsive to your efforts.

If you approach them, too abruptly, or too aggressively, they’re going to retreat. They’re introverts! They don’t like conflict, tension, or drama. So, don’t bring any with you. If that means you need to spend more time in radio silence, assessing who you are and modifying certain parts of your personality so that you can approach someone in a really calm, collected, and neutral way, then that’s what you have to do.

Again, it’s not a one-size fits all. It’s about you identifying this relationship as well as you can, and identifying what your role is, what their role is, what’s going to make you feel fulfilled, but what’s going to make them feel heard, respected, and allow them to be who they are.


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