Dating A Shy Girl

Dating A Shy Girl

If you’re curious about dating a shy girl, don’t worry. I gotchu. You already know me since day one. All the comments you’ve been posting, I’ve been reading and replying back. And I’m still uploading every week. Just a disclaimer here, I have zero experience being a girl nor being a shy girl but that doesn’t mean I can’t go out into this world and start gathering all my female counterparts who are shy and start interrogating them one by one and then come back and compile a list and share it on the interweb. So if you want, you can still stick around and see what I came up with. And if I messed up or say something, you can rip me apart slowly on the comment section but can you be nice about it though because I still have feelings too. So, here’s a list of my analysis after gathering 6 different shy girls off the streets. I mean they aren’t homeless or anything they were just there.


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