Dark But Funny ‘Conversation With A Therapist’ Tweets

Dark But Funny ‘Conversation With A Therapist’ Tweets

People Are Tweeting Self-Deprecating Therapy Conversations And They’re Hilarious

Going to a therapist is no laughing matter – it’s a valuable tool in the fight against a host of psychological issues, and can really be the difference between life and death for many people.

But, of course, self-deprecation is also a valuable tool – one that diffuses tension and takes the seriousness out of our situation. And where would we be if we constantly had to face up to every difficulty that came along?

So we play this game as a kind of self-defense; laughing at ourselves and our neurosis, mocking our insecurities and hiding behind a shield of memes, GIFs and ironically ‘relatable’ stuff on the internet. Is this healthy? Probably not. But it does delay the reckoning for a little bit longer, and we get to get have a laugh along the way!

These dark-but-funny tweets represent that; the self-awareness that comes with knowing that one is a little bit broken, but are not quite ready to face up to it yet.

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