‘Counting On’: The Duggar Girls Show Their Love While Sticking To Jim Bob’s Courting Rules?!!

‘Counting On’: The Duggar Girls Show Their Love While Sticking To Jim Bob’s Courting Rules?!!

‘Counting On’: How the Duggar Girls Show Their Love While Sticking To Jim Bob’s Courting Rules?!!

As evangelical fundamentalists, Counting On stars Jim Bob Duggar and his wife, Michelle Duggar, have created a host of rules for their sons and daughters to follow when they start courting.

Although Jim Bob and Michelle push their children to start families of their own as quickly as possible, they also enforce a strict set of rules to ensure none of their kiddos get sexually active before marriage.

Counting On fans know most of these courting rules and have become experts on the ins and outs of Jim Bob’s system over the years. So far, it has been very effective at keeping his children in line.

Once they start courting somebody, the Duggars typically get engaged right away, as fans have seen on Counting On. After they tie the knot, having children is their next mission in life. In fact, most of the Duggar girls have started families of their own within the first year or two of exchanging vows.

While the rules are clearly meant to keep their children’s integrity intact, some of the regulations are pretty extreme by most people’s standards.

At the top of the list, Jim Bob has outlawed most forms of physical contact during the courting phase. This includes touching, kissing, groping, and fondling.

Even hand holding is highly restricted in the Duggar household. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the Duggar children are only allowed to hold hands for 15-seconds at a given time.

The Duggars are also not allowed to give front hugs to their romantic interests. As Counting On fans are well aware, Duggars are, however, allowed a short side-hug.

Jim Bob and Michelle enforce these rules by keeping close tabs on all their children’s activities. Even text messages are monitored as all of the children are required to do group texts with Jim Bob and Michelle.

Basically, all of the rules prevent the stars of Counting On from having intimate one-on-one time with a member of the opposite sex.

How do Duggar girls express their love?

With the Duggar girls not allowed to engage in physical contact, expressing their love for a boy can be a little tricky, not to mention bordering on odd.

As Counting On fans may have picked up on, the women in the Duggar family often show their love by looking adoringly at their lovers in what has been dubbed the Duggar Gaze.

While most fans think the behavior is a bit creepy, you can’t really blame the Duggar girls. After all, they don’t have any other way to express their love because of Jim Bob’s strict rules.