Christians in Pakistan (segment)

Christians in Pakistan (segment)

We present the first 10 minutes of this CRTN production
Production Date: 2014

Pakistan lies in South Asia and is bordered by Iran, Afghanistan, China and India. The country achieved independence in 1947 following the end of British colonial rule in India. The founding father, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, envisioned a country – although based on Islam – was to be simultaneously pluralistic, accepting believers of other faiths: Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. Today ninety-seven-percent of this society of over 180-million people is Muslim. The remaining two percent are Christians, though by no means new to the religious landscape with the arrival of St Thomas landing in the year 52AD. Notwithstanding this historical presence, Christians suffer daily persecution and discrimination. Perhaps the greatest suffering is the underlying societal hostility, the daily discriminations such as denial of services, access to political voice or limitation to educational opportunities. The Catholic Bishop’s National Council for Justice and Peace, reports that approximately thirty percent of young Christians and Hindus suffer sexual harassment at work. The greatest threat, however, to Christianity is the Blasphemy Law under which the penalty for desecrating the Koran is a life sentence, the penalty for blasphemy against the prophet Mohammad is death. What is the future? The extremist forces seem to be gaining ground at the moment – not by winning the minds of the people, but by force, by violence, by using forceful and violent tactics. The Christians seek to find a future and what they call a ‘Dialogue of Life’ with their Muslim neighbors.

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