Best 5 Tips On How To Start A Conversation With A Total Stranger ( Talks and Tips)

Best 5 Tips On How To Start A Conversation With A Total Stranger ( Talks and Tips)

Hi everyone be sure to leave me a comment if you have any other questions! Here are the tips!

Tip number 1!
This one starts with you! Because the biggest challenge you’re probably facing is internal. You might start giving yourself reasons why you shouldn’t talk to this person and this comes from a place of maybe fear of rejection, or fear of… well maybe you don’t even know what the fear is but for some reason you just can’t muster up the courage and that is completely normal! When you feel this you need to remind yourself that you have nothing to lose, and that people are naturally kind and usually enjoy meeting new people too! So just do it! Be sure to smile first because Ive found out of personal experience that a big smile helps a lot! Its a secret weapon! People can’t resist smiles, they naturally want to smile back! So I usually will start with a polite excuse me? Or Just a big smile Hi how are you? And the first person you try this with will be the hardest but the more you do it… the easier it will become!

Tip number 2
Break the ice. Start with a compliment
Complimenting someone may be the single best way to start a conversation with a total stranger. Why? Because you’re naturally correlating your first impression with them with a positive one by making them feel good! So maybe its a guy and you noticed he did his hair, you can compliment his hair… ( Hey I like your hair ) or a girl that has on a nice dress, compliment her dress ( thats a really pretty dress) Think about it… whens the last time you got a compliment from someone you didn’t know and felt negatively about it? Probably never right? Unless it was like a cat call on the street or something… ummm people don’t cat call. Be genuine. Be kind.

Tip number 3.
Talk about them. Ask this person about them to try to genuinely get to know them. You can ask them something personal. Those are cool cowboy boots… Do you know how to ride horses? Or you have a cool accent, where are you originally from? what is life like where you’re from? What kind of food do you guys eat in your home country? Anything about them! People like talking about themselves, its a natural thing. Engage in a conversation…we live in this world that comprises of so much social media in our lives I think people forget to have real life conversations these days. And one thing to be aware of is not to go into a conversation and only talk about you too much! Like I said people like to talk about themselves and sometimes we get caught up with talking only about ourselves. So remember talk about them.

Tip number 4.
Be observant and find a common interest. This one is very important!
Figure out something that you guys both have in common and by doing so, you must be observant.This way once you find something in common you guys can engage in a deeper than surface level conversation with a connection built. So for example if you see this person wearing a sports cap maybe you can talk about sports ( whats their favorite team or player) or if you see that its a lady and she has a certain type of hand bag you can talk about the hand bag, a watch, or you can discuss something on a deeper level that you learned about them. Find something you have common with them. If you Guys have nothing in common… wel.. maybe… You can learn something new from them! But I guarantee you there will be something you have in common. After all you guys are both human beings living on the same planet right? Be pleasant… when you’re talking to them! Don’t be negative or pessimistic. Have you ever talked to someone and it just felt super negative? Like this person is just complaining about something to you so enthusiastically and it gets to the point where you’re feeling negative feelings too? People don’t want to surround themselves with negativity and you shouldn’t either! So make sure whats coming out of your mouth is positive and nutritious! Find that something in common with them and you have successfully developed a relationship.

Tip number 5
If you find this person intriguing or really cool and you want to be their friend than don’t hesitate to ask them for their contact information. This is something that might be hard at first because theres a possibility they may say no and you might get rejected. But I am here to remind you that its normal to have that fear but you need to just do it. Whats the worst that can happen? You don’t have this persons contact information right now anyways right? So even if they say no they don’t want to give it to you… worst case scenario you will just be at the same place you are now. But if you don’t ask you will never get it if you do ask, you have a way higher possibility of getting it. You can ask them for their number, their Facebook, their Instagram, their email, their twitter. This way you can stay in touch since you are no longer strangers you can possibly hang out with them in the future and possibly be very good friends or in some cases maybe more.