Ben Ezra: The Modern World Dating Model

Ben Ezra: The Modern World Dating Model

Ben Ezra joins Mark in the Men’s Room to divulge his Modern World Dating model and explain his triangle theory for building comfort and attraction simultaneously.

Who is Ben Ezra?

Ben Ezra, has dedicated the past 7 years of his life to the study of psychology, and how to become successful at meeting and dating women. Dating Coach and Author of the book Modern World Dating.

What’s covered in this interview?

The Modern World Dating method. A guide to get you from point A to point B wherever you’re at in your progression.
How Ben got started in completely transforming his life to becoming someone who was comfortable meeting and dating multiple women
How the internet and social media has changed the dating game
How women can sense incongruence
Transitioning through stages, and what’s important in each
How you end up the in friend zone
Two ways to build comfort with a woman when you first meet her
Ways to build attraction using charm and mystery
Creating moments with her that will remind her of you when you’re not together
The balance of showing interest vs trying to hard
Examples of approaching techniques
A walk through of all 8 phases of the MWD model
How to manage the phone game
Free first date ideas
Tips for the first kiss to make sure there are more to come
Some of the many reasons why it’s worth learning how to be good with women and transform your life


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