Before & After Girls Chase: Motivational Video [2020]

Before & After Girls Chase: Motivational Video [2020]

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The proof is always in the pussy. If you’re getting results, you’re doing good. If not, work harder and learn harder.

In this video, I want to show the difference in results and behavior that comes from hard work and truly learning from our videos and articles.

If nothing else, this video should motivate you to get out there approaching more women.

Let’s get to it


Video Details:

02:30 – The “Before Girls Chase” text
03:25 – His texts are too blocky
04:45 – Communicate better, woman
05:50 – One “no” makes the rest of the seduction more difficult
07:15 – Apparently y’all are getting twisted before approaching
07:40 – The “After Girls Chase” text
10:57 – He became a completely different person


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