Bad Dating Advice That Harms Women in the Long Run

Bad Dating Advice That Harms Women in the Long Run

2:12 – I got caught up with a mean man with money

6:30 – Wealthy men aren’t falling for little girl games EVEN WHEN YOU THINK THEY ARE

8:40 – How you get seduced into the lifestyle and the mind games begin

13:00 – Why your beautiful feminine looks will NOT cut it

14:30 – What a High Value Man ACTUALLY is

17:15 – Why “The Rules” work in the beginning

20:20 – Substance abuse and alcoholism that can accompany the lifestyle

21:15 – The responsibilities of a high-value wife that you don’t know about

22:40 – I thought I was the exception. I wasn’t.

24:20 – Short term victories lead to long term disasters

28:50 – Why most women aren’t taught the long game

30:48 – Go out and date and make mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes

31:40 – What it means to TRULY cultivate yourself

36:25 – What happened after I broke up with the mean man with money. Honoring seasons and lifestyles

40:45 – You don’t have to lose your identity in your relationship

43:20 – Women want the high-value man, but not the responsibilities. TRUE HIGH VALUE MEN HAVE A VERY CLEVER VETTING PROCESS for choosing a wife

47:35 – Women that are too arrogant to get wisdom get into trouble

52:20 – Why wise women will give you the game that a man can NEVER teach you
54:50 – Your fake persona is not going to work. Sorry.
56:00 – Why male dating coaches and teachers can’t set you up for success
58:35 – Why I created these programs for you

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