Atheist Experience 24.06 with Matt Dillahunty & Jim Barrows

Atheist Experience 24.06 with Matt Dillahunty & Jim Barrows

The Atheist Experience 24.06 for February 9, 2020 with Matt Dillahunty & Jim Barrows.

00:00:00 Matt – TX – Epic postcard reading
00:10:40 Matt parodies Eminem’s “Stan”
00:16:55 Jonathan – KY – Is there a moral question about slavery?
00:27:07 Walter – MI – Proof of God because of a NDE
00:38:07 Jonathyn – AZ – Can believe in something and not know it/be aware of it.
00:50:58 Jonathan – AL – How to create a secular community when in a hostile area.
01:05:39 Kevin – TN – Agnostic theist, believes in emanation
01:15:45 Steve – Canada: What’s the point of living if you’re an atheist?
01:25:03 Keith – OK – People in prison are better off with religious belief.
01:27:20 John – TX – Evolution points to theism

Does Matt have more postcards to read?
Let’s get to calls. The first caller is Jonathan from Kentucky. He is wondering if there has always been a moral question regarding slavery. What about prisoners of war? He claims that in history, it was more moral to have slaves than now because of tribal warfare. That’s not an excuse.
Walter is next up calling in from Michigan, claims to have met God after a very violent car wreck. He experienced a near death experience and saw the light! People convinced him that it was all God’s doing. Sadly, he doesn’t provide any evidence though, except “look at the trees.” Oh and science isn’t real.
The following caller named Jonathyn from Arizona is wondering about the argument that folks can believe in something and not know it. He queries Matt on it and Matt responds in kind. Tune in to watch the salad spin!
Jonathan from Alabama is next, he is calling in about how to create a community when in a hostile and possibly violent area to secular/atheists.
Next up, Kevin in Tennessee has an argument he’d like to share. He believes and is an agnostic theist and that this reality we deem as real is only a small part of something greater.
Afterwards we have Steve from Canada. He is an Atheist turned Catholic and is wondering if there is purpose or point in life if you don’t believe. Why does it matter if anyone benefits he asks. It absolutely matters to those around us. C’mon dude, a scribe?!
Keith in Oklahoma would like to discuss how prisoners are better off religious. This was a speedy call and Matt definitely disputed that. Might want to watch it to capture more than I did.
Our last caller of the day, John in Texas claims that evolution is linked or tied to theism. Um, nah. Natural selection is random and is all about time.

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