Always Put Your Woman #1 – Beta Male Dating Advice Video #2

Always Put Your Woman #1 – Beta Male Dating Advice Video #2

Always Put Your Woman #1 – Beta Male Dating Advice Video #2

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Look guys, I’ve been getting a lot of messages about how to make a girl chase, how to become her number one, how to make a girl fall in love and how to become a prize. You have it all wrong. The question that you guys should be asking me is “how should I make my #1” and “how can I put her on a pedestal”.

Women, the way they fall in love is when they feel they’re better than you. That’s how they fall in love. They don’t fall in love with you being on your purpose and you pulling way and showing them indifference from time to time. That’s how you lose her.

the way to make her fall in love is by showing her your full devotion, by you wearing a shirt that has her face, by you giving all the compliments and always talking about her, by you giving her all the money, calling her queen and making her feel special. Guys, stop acting like in order to make women chase, you got to get money. Women are not superficial at all. Women don’t love money.

Women love guys who are out of shape, who are feminine and who put them #1. It’s simple, they want to feel special. Tie her shoes, call her queen, always be kissing her, text back fast and if she dares to break up with you, say that you’ll take her back no matter what or say the special one: I still love you and all I want is for you to be happy. Let her cheat on you with her personal trainer and say “even though you’re with him, as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters”. That’s exactly how you get her.

Look guys, you double text them, you bow down to them, when you’re around her, make sure you laugh at all of her jokes because she’s funny, when you leave the date you say you’ll text her and you do text her and stuff like that. It’s simple stuff. You guys got to stop listening to coaches who tell you to inflict pain. When you inflict pain, you turn her off and when you create anxiety, you turn her off. when you make her feel like she’s about to lose you, you turn her off.

When you show her all the interest in the world, that’s when you turn her on. When you’re consistent, that’s how you turn her on. I hope you pay attention to what I’m saying to you guys.

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