9 Ways to tell if you’re the other woman | How to spot a cheater

9 Ways to tell if you’re the other woman | How to spot a cheater

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Always your house never his house but always a house never in public.
Some if y’all have never been to the house of the guy you’re seeing. Others have saw his place but never gotten a real date.

All the dates happen on a couch or if you go travel anywhere with him he wants you to drive and then he puts his seat way back when your driving so he isn’t seen by anyone. He may only want to take you to dark places where he can’t be spotted. Or if you do get steady dates they are all he says stuff out of town a city over where wouldn’t know anybody.

You’re well acquainted with each other but he uses phone apps to text you or call instead of his actual phone line.
Often women will go out of their way to contact a guy direct phone only to get their response via whats App or whatever other anonymous app he prefers. That’s because he doesn’t want you on his phone line transcripts. Or text history. His girlfriend or wife would find out. If you have never graduated out of whatsapp or the dating website you started on it’s likely you aren’t as important as he would have you to believe.

He has a very strict schedule of when you’re allowed to contact him.

recently about 3 clients of mine were talking to guys who claimed to be very busy on the weekends for various reasons that wouldn’t warrant a reason for them not to at least say hi or have a great day. Even if no response was expected. One day one of them reached out to the guy they were talking you. His response was why are you contacting me on the weekend?

Listen ladies if a guy ever gives you a space of time that you’re not allowed to contact him. Not that he’s unavailable but that you are forbidden from contacting him. He definitely has another relationship he’s hiding. Especially if he works his main job through the week and he’s off on the weekends.

He never ever answers the phone. Instead he waits a few minutes or a while and just texts you back. A lot of times they will try to have the conversation you hoped to have verbally through text. He can’t be overheard talking on the phone. That would arouse suspicion. So waits a while texts you back when he’s on the toilet. The only time his girlfriend gives him any privacy.

This happens a lot with women dating on the job…A guy will be all over you at work. It may even feel like a relationship. Y’all might even be fooling around all over the place at your place of employment but you never hear from him or see him outside of that work environment. I’ve met too many women who got a man at work but they single at home. Why doesn’t he contact me? Short answer…because his real woman wouldn’t like that.

He is adamant about keeping things on the down-low even though you feel that things have gotten pretty serious. He says stuff like I don’t like people in my business. Those “people” are likey his woman or wife at home. If a man isn’t claiming you that’s not your man.
If a man is serious and single he’s not going to ask you to sneak around or keep you a secret. Reason one he would be proud of his relationship. Reason two. Men are very territorial. He wouldn’t want other guys thinking you were available and coming on to you. Putting stealing your affection away.

He lies about having social media accounts or he blocks you even though y’all on good terms.

I’ve known a lot of women who fond out a guy does in fact have an active Facebook account after screwing him for 4 months. They just blocked. After that they often create a fake account (cat friending) and friend him as someone else only to find out his Facebook says he’s Greg is in a relationship with samantha. But they name aint samantha. That all them holidays they just got a text message on were spent with samantha.

Or he didn’t delete his dating profile like he said. He just blocks you so you can’t see his profile. If you sign on an alternate account it would probably say active 7 minutes ago.

He tells you that the relationship with his ex is over but she’s crazy and keeps coming around.

A lot of times guys say that when they are still involved with the other woman and are about to add you to a love triangle. She not crazy and if she is he’s the one causing it. He just wants to buffer things for if he gets caught with her. You pop by unannounced to see him and see a woman driving away. You ask him like who was that leaving as I pulled up.
He be like “i told you she was crazy, imma take a shower real quick”

I’m sure you could imagine what he tells her about you…..


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