8 Things Men Want But Don't Ask For 🤐 (Relationship Advice For Women)

8 Things Men Want But Don't Ask For 🤐 (Relationship Advice For Women)

This video reveals 8 things men want but don’t ask for in their relationships. 🤐

The truth is most dating advice for women doesn’t really address what men want in their relationships. You’ll see love advice for women and relationship advice for women that talks about how to slap a band-aid over a problem that’s already happening, but not much discussion addresses how men think, how to understand men and clear communication advice on exactly how to reach his heart.

The truth is, when it comes to a good dating coach (or relationship coach for women or love coach for women, whatever you want to call it), the greatest thing you can learn is the winning perspective to have about love and relationships.

When you have the right perspective (or mindset or point of view), the answers of what’s happening and what to do at any point become totally simple, easy and obvious.

You’ll know what men want and what men think in any given situation, and (surprise) it’s different than how women think and process the world… but it’s not so different that you can’t understand it or find common ground.

In fact, when you understand what men really want, you can understand how to interact with him in a way that connects with him on a deep level, makes him feel bonded with you and makes him feel a deep love for you.

You’ll be shocked what a power you can have when you understand men and know how to really talk to their heart, and this video centers largely around exactly how to do that (so you get to have the kind of love life you really want!).

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Also, I want to point out that having a great relationship is easy when you have the right perspective. When you understand what’s really going on, you can feel calm, confident and in-control. You won’t feel worried that things are out of control, that he’s losing interest or that you are somehow messing things up.

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