8 Signs You’re Way Smarter Than People Around

8 Signs You’re Way Smarter Than People Around

What being smart means. Intelligence is something rather different from being good at exams or memorizing history books by heart. And if you have just a couple of friends, if you frequently seem lonely, or if you’re a perfectionist, the chances are high that you’re simply smarter than the people who surround you.

You enjoy loneliness 1:10
You feel pressured 4:07
You often daydream 4:53
You’re open-minded 5:40
Your self-control is exceptional 6:24
Your indecisiveness stems from overanalyzing 7:13
You often feel dissatisfied or unhappy 7:55
You connect concepts that seem unrelated 8:54

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– If you or other people in your life prefer being alone, this doesn’t necessarily mean loneliness. Sometimes it’s just a sign of greater intelligence.
– Smart people often see and realize things that the people around them can’t comprehend. That’s why they know for sure where their life should head.
– Daydreaming might not be a distracting habit but a sign of high intelligence. In their study, psychologists from the Georgia Institute of Technology drew a connection between daydreaming and the efficiency and strength of a person’s brain.
– Highly intelligent people never close themselves off if they come across new ideas or unusual opportunities. They tend to look for alternative solutions and consider the views of other people.
– Another thing that makes smart people stand out in a crowd is their ability to overcome impulsiveness. They tend to plan their actions, clarify their goals, explore different strategies, and think about consequences.
– Highly intelligent people need to know all the pros and cons before they make a decision. But at the same time, the more they analyze, the less likely they are to act.
– For some smart people, their intelligence turns out to be a curse. They simply don’t fit in and sometimes wonder about the truthfulness of the expression “ignorance is bliss.”
– Smart people can see patterns nobody else pays attention to. This happens due to their ability to draw parallels.

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