7 Places to meet women that aren't bars and clubs

7 Places to meet women that aren't bars and clubs

We all know bars and especially clubs can eventually be a drag. Here’s the list:

0:50 Bookstores – Easy and relaxed environment where mostly women hang out at and it gives you an easy topic of conversation to start with. Books! This is one of my favorites.

1:48 Outside the bar or club – If you don’t want to go into the club there are tons of girls outside who are still trying to party. I’ve brought home many girls from this area. Try and approach before they call the Uber and talk to girls who have left the club not ones who are in line waiting to get in.

2:44 Volunteering events – These organizations are completely dominated by women (at least 70%). If you find a good one, you won’t even need game or good looks because you’ll be in such high demand. Most ugly shy guys with hot girlfriends that I know get them through orgs like these.

4:21 Parks – Especially on a sunny day this is a great spot to meet women. Where I live in San Francisco there’s one park that everyone goes to called Dolores and it’s a great spot for daygame. Bonus points if you have a dog.

5:07 Improv classes – This or any other type of fun drama class are dominated by women and will actually get you to develop your personality and improvisational skills as welll.

6:20 Co-ed sports – This usually has the worst ratio, from all the ones I’ve listed, depending on the sport. But almost every season I end up sleeping with one of my teammates. Pick a sport you’re good at or join a league like kickball, which is specifically designed for single people to meet each other.

7:32 Salsa/dance classes – If you find there are a lot of guys in your class find a different one. One girl I knew complained to me that she hooked up with a guy after he had slept with two other girls in the same salsa class. She was mad that “the guys can have any pick they want there.” After hearing this I signed up for classes the very next day.

8:23 How to be successful in these weekly group activity environment

Hope this helps you guys. If you have any other ideas comment them here. I specifically did not include Yoga or workout classes because although these are dominated by women they are horrible for getting girls due to the lack of social atmosphere ie: you’ll end up looking like a creep.

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